Our team specializes in coordinating locally customized security solutions addressing diverse social and economic environments.

Crackerjack Securities Professionally Trained Security Experts Crackerjack Security Services Ltd possess requisite working experience in Security, investigation, and the protection field. Find Out More Professionally Trained Security Experts
Crackerjack Securities Limited
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is a dynamic and innovative private security service company, excellent in staff training with exemplary care to design an implementation of bespoke solutions for her clients. By providing intelligent security solutions combining caring guards with cutting edge technology,

we hope to win the trust of residential, commercial, government, and industrial customers throughout Nigeria. We work with protection through anticipation.

Crackerjack securities limited
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CRACKERJACK SECURITY SERVICES LTD has a reliable fleet of tactical response vehicles manned by efficient, highly trained response officers.

All of our reaction officers have had intensive in-house training. Each and every one of our vehicles is branded and has state-of-the-art GPS live tracking. They are communicating constantly with our control room so they can respond swiftly according to our policy and your instructions

Crackerjack Security Services LTD

Company Affiliations

We have actively made affiliations with companies offering specialist services, which augment the high quality, technology-oriented security services on offer shown below:

DeSwitch Tech Innovations
This is a major corporation that is accredited and licensed by the government of Nigeria authorities.
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Ufedosoft Technology LTD
With their highly sophisticated tracking & surveillance equipment, assist us with tech-driven vehicle...
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Yima Technologies
Provides integrated IT solutions to a wide range of companies, from small to large corporate concerns.
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Crackerjack securities limited

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